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Why did my trigger campaign pause?

Time to top up your balance!

So you've got your trigger campaign up and running. Great! You've uploaded your data list and their scheduled to go out on several different days.

If you're looking for how to actually make a trigger campaign or learn how useful a trigger campaign is, click here! 

We will make sure to notify you immediately if anything goes as unplanned. One of these notifications might be that your trigger campaign has been paused. This unfortunately means that you did not have enough balance on your account to send out the mail that you wished to send that day. 

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When using automation we always recommend keeping your balance at a good threshold to make sure everything functions correctly. The best way to make sure this is the case is by adding a card to your profile and enabling automatic top up. We have a great article about this by clicking here!

Once your balance has been topped up to an appropriate level, select the campaign in your bulk campaign settings. Here you'll be able reactivate the trigger campaign so that your other scheduled mail will continue to be sent.

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From there, you'll have to reschedule the mail that failed to send on the day that it paused. You can do this by reuploading the addresses to your mailing list.