How do I directly integrate with Stannp?

Our API documentation is openly available to everyone.

API stands for application programming interface. Our API documentation contains several different endpoints that allow you to interact with Stannp without accessing our platform. For example, whilst using your own CRM. We primarily use GET and POST endpoints. A GET endpoint usually will allow you to "get" information from Stannp like the status of one of your recipients. A POST endpoint will typically allow you to send us information. All of our endpoints that let you send postcards or letters are POST endpoints. 

All endpoints will require your API key. This can be found in your API settings.

Be very careful to not share your API key to any untrusted providers. The API key is free access to your account. An untrusted provider with your API key could send unsanctioned mail through your account spending your balance.

The primary endpoints of our API are the "Create a letter" endpoint and the "Create a postcard" endpoint. The endpoints allow you to send letters or postcards depending on your preference. 

All you need to supply us is the PDF you wish to use as your design, the recipient details of who you wish to send it to and we will send your mail. There are of course hundreds of variations to this which you can specify to suit your needs. Like designing your postcard on our platform beforehand and referencing that. Or, specifying whether you want your letter to be duplex or simplex. 

Alternatively, you can GET any details about the postcards you've already sent. Through this you can find the status which, will let you know where the postcard is in the mailing pipeline. The reporting summary endpoint is great as it gives you a detailed breakdown of the status of all sent mail within a defined period. 

Additionally, we have the validate address endpoint which allows you to enter your address and confirm it matches the address noted in USPS's data base. Valid addresses are cheaper to send.