Where is my API key?

You can find it in your API settings!

Your API key is your one of a kind password which allows you to connect your Stannp account to all API related events. Any third party integration software will request this from you so they can connect to your account. Additionally, developers will require this in order to "post" and "get" events. 

The API key is free of charge and can be actively refreshed at any point. 

On the platform you can access the API Settings from the settings on our platform.

I do not have a developer, how do I automate-image1

You can access your API key at any time. Additionally, you can refresh your API key for free if you ever believe it to be compromised. This will give you a new API key, all established integrations will need to be updated with the new information.  

Be very careful to not share your API key to any untrusted providers. The API key is free access to your account. An untrusted provider with your API key could send unsanctioned mail through your account spending your balance.

On this page you can also enable your API request logging so you can check and review your API posts. This is very useful to make sure your workflow is working correctly.