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What is the minimum and maximum send volume? How much will it cost?

There are no Minimum or Maximum send limits

Unlimited Capacity

We accommodate for all levels of volume. Whether you are a personal level user and wish to send one or two letters a week or month, a business level user who sends hundreds and thousands or, a corporation who sends a million a month we can help you achieve your objective. 

A transparent pricing structure with no hidden fees

We pride on our clarity. No subscription or hidden fees. Our prices include everything from print production to delivery with USPS. What is the minimum and maximum send volume-image1

Promoting volume

Our primary aim is to promote and enhance your companies workflow. As you grow to sending larger volumes we will offer better discounts!
The first price bracket is between 1 and 1000 items.
The second price bracket is between 1001 and 25000 items.
The third price bracket is between  25001 and 50000 items
The final price bracket is anything above 50001 items for our best rate.