Reporting Status codes

A clear eight step guide to where your mail is in our workflow

Our platform provides real time tracking of all of your US mail. You are able to check for free what is currently happening to each individual mail piece. Go to your reporting page to see all the details!

How to track your mail-image1

You'll be greeted with a pie chart of your mailings within this time period along with statistics about how much you've spent and your current remaining balance. The pie chart is broken down into eight categories. 

  1. Received, We have received your order and are waiting for the scheduling date to produce it. This will be the status of your campaign once you've scheduled your campaign. 
  2. Producing, We are currently producing your mail. Our production facilities are hard at work printing all of your letters and postcards. 
  3. Handed_Over, We have given your mail to the United States Postal Service (USPS) and it is up to them to scan any of the below statuses. It is likely that your campaign will be at this stage for quite sometime until USPS makes their first scan. 
  4. In_Transit, USPS are transporting your mail. This may not occur if USPS do not scan while in transport.
  5. Local Delivery, USPS have transported your mail to the local post office. This may not occur if USPS do not scan when it arrives at the post office.
  6. Delivered, Your recipient has received your mail!
  7. Returned, USPS has deemed the address invalid and it will not be received.
  8. Cancelled, You spotted an error and have decided to cancel this mail piece. 

If you would like to look at the details of one of your clients from a campaign you can view the details of the campaign it is apart of by clicking view details. 

If the campaign you're looking for isn't there you may have to change the date range. At the top right hand corner you can select what date range you wish to view.

You can see the status to the left! Both of these two examples are delivered. 

Reporting Status codes-image3

If you click "Tracking" to the right hand side you can see specific tracking details too. Checking the date stamp at each part of the way.

How to track your mail-image3

Please note, as our In Transit, Local Delivery and Delivered scans rely on the USPS workforce to scan our barcodes we cannot guarantee that we will receive every scan.