My mail has been returned, what does this mean?

USPS has deemed the address invalid and it will not be received.

When sending your mail we have two levels of NCOA and CASS verification to ensure your mail goes to the correct address. For example of your recipient has a forwarding address or has recently moved. 

While processing your mailing list, if the United States Postal Service (USPS) determine that address to be undeliverable it will be marked as returned. 

There are five relevant reasons that USPS defines for undeliverable mail.

  • Incomplete, illegible, or incorrect address.  
    We have the verification system in place to let you know whether your address matches the USPS database. Do always check your data is verified before sending out. It's also cheaper to send out verified data.

  • Addressee not at address.
    If you do not know the exact name of the recipient it can cause the mail to be returned. If you use a generic name like "The occupant", this will usually solve this issue.

  • Mail unclaimed.

  • Mail refused by addressee at time of delivery.

  • Mail refused by addressee after delivery when permitted.

Unfortunately, we cannot assist if the mail is unclaimed or refused.

What to do now that your data has been returned?

 There are a few options available to you. When selecting your data for your next campaign you can filter it to send to only the verified addresses. This will help minimize your returns. 

Adding filters excludes, to your data-image2

If you want to make sure that you no longer send to that address in the future, you can use our blacklisting feature. Find this under Mailing List then Blacklist

Blacklisting addresses-image1

From this page you are able to add recipients like a normal mailing list. Either add single recipients at a time or import a data file of the restricted addresses. 

Once uploaded to the blacklist these addresses will no longer show in your campaigns when preparing your data.