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How to use one of your templates?

We store unlimited templates and this is how to access them quickly to use them again.

When you are setting up a new direct mail campaign you are able to re use templates stored in the system.  

The first step is to start a new campaign and select what format you would like to use. 

You then need to name the campaign and choose the postage option.

The next step is where you are able to use one of our blank templates or one of your pre-made templates. 

It is always recommend to make a template of a mail design you plan to use often! Check out our article about how to make your own template here.

After selecting the "YOUR TEMPLATES" button you will be able to select one of your premade templates.

How to use one of your templates-image.1

Are you looking for a template which isn't showing up here? Then you may have selected the incorrect format when creating your campaign. Templates will only appear if they are the same format as the design you selected.