How to track your mail

The reporting page is your key to track all of your mail

You've sent out a few bulk campaigns or maybe you've integrated your workflow with our open API,  it's time to review and track your mailings. Go to the reporting tab and you'll find all of your details here.

How to track your mail-image1

You'll be greeted with a pie chart of your mailings within this time period along with statistics about how much you've spent and your current remaining balance. The pie chart is broken down into eight categories. 

  1. Received, We have received your order and are waiting for the scheduling date to produce it.
  2. Producing, We are currently producing your mail
  3. Handed_Over, We have given your mail to the United States Postal Service (USPS) and it is up to them to scan any of the below statuses. 
  4. In_Transit, USPS are transporting your mail. This may not occur if USPS do not scan while in transport.
  5. Local Delivery, USPS have transported your mail to the local post office. This may not occur if USPS do not scan when it arrives at the post office.
  6. Delivered, Your recipient has received your mail!
  7. Returned, USPS has deemed the address invalid and it will not be received. 
  8. Cancelled, You spotted an error and have decided to cancel this mail piece. 

Numbers seem a little low? Perhaps the date range is wrong! At the top right of the page you can change the date that these statistics cover.  

How to track your mail-image2Reporting is broken down to three sectors depending on how you sent your mail. All bulk campaigns appear in the BULK CAMPAIGNS section. All API or Virtual printer items appear in the SINGLE ITEMS section. All trigger campaign mail appears in the TRIGGERED CAMPAIGNS section.

Select the section relevant to you and you'll see all of items sent during the period. If in Bulk campaigns you'll be able to drill down on seeing further details about the campaign. Click the mail pieces tracking button to see where you're mail is. 

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If you also see further details about a specific campaign you'll be able to see your performance tracking. If you include any of our QR codes on your mail piece you'll be able to see the percentage of your clients who have engaged with your QR code. 

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