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How do I pay for my campaign?

Either pay via invoice or top up balance on your account and pay with balance.

Once you've set up your direct mail campaign and scheduled it, the next step is to pay for it. When you choose the date for your campaign, we will provide you with the exact cost, ensuring there are no hidden fees. We believe in transparency, so we will also break down the costs for you, including when we will start printing and the estimated date of arrival.

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If you're satisfied with the details, you have two options to complete the payment process. You can either click on the "NEXT: Checkout" button, which will allow you to select one of the cards you have added to the system or type in your card details. Alternatively, if you have enough balance in your account, you can click "BOOK NOW: Using Your Balance" to automatically charge your balance and finalize the payment.

For larger campaigns, we also offer the option to request an invoice from your account manager. If you're unsure who your account manager is, simply click here to find out!

With these straightforward payment options, you can easily complete the payment process for your direct mail campaign, leaving you with nothing to worry about except for the success of your marketing efforts.