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How do I minimize returns?

Sending only to verified addresses and using the exceptional address to prevent returned mail.

So you've sent a bulk campaign and have had several of your recipients returned. What can you do going forward to improve this? When setting up your next campaign and are selecting your dataset, you have several options to customise how you send your data.

How do I minimize returns-image1We would first recommend to filter your recipients so that you only send to verified addresses. All addresses are compared with the United States Postal Service (USPS) data base of addresses. If a match is not found then the address will be unverified and has a higher chance of being returned. 

As we compare your data to the local postal services database, it is important to make sure your address has mapped its data to the correct columns. If done incorrectly, even a correct address could be unverified. If you would like further details about how to make sure your data has the right headings click here.

For the United States Postal Service, it is very important to use the correct name when sending mail. If the name is correct then if USPS has been informed of a move then they can potentially update the address to ensure the right person receives their mail.

If your priority is to send mail to the house rather than the person then we recommend adding, "Or Current Occupant" to your name data. This is known as an exceptional address and should be sent to the address regardless of house move. 

If you want more verified addresses to add to your mailing list then we do offer data purchasing services. If you would like further details about buying a new data list click here.