Can I have an example of API code?

All of our API documentation pages have examples

Our platform offers comprehensive API documentation that provides detailed information about all the API endpoints available for use. To make it easier for you to understand and implement these endpoints, we provide examples in various programming languages such as CURL, PHP, PYTHON, and C# (restSharp) on the right-hand side of every page. These examples cover both POST and GET commands, giving you a clear understanding of how to interact with our platform programmatically. 

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The examples will show you use cases of many of the various parameters you might need to use with our numerous endpoints. When making your first few sends it is best to enable your API audit log. While this is enabled you are able to check the log to see what Stannp received from your request. This is extremely useful for troubleshooting. You can enable your API audit log by going to your API settings.

Alternatively, access your API Audit log by clicking here!

Any request sent while the log is not active will not be shown here.