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Can I choose when I want my mail to be sent?

Of course! It's the last step of setting up your campaign

You've setup added your design to our platform, included your data and approved your first sample. After this you'll meet our scheduling page!

Select the day you wish for us to process your mail. In the below example we have selected the 29th of March. As this is a Standard class mailing we expect it to take at least 10 working days for it to land at the recipient address. 

Please note, USPS do not guarantee Standard class Delivery times.

Can I choose when I want my mail to be sent-image2Using our tool you can prepare your campaign to arrive when you want it to!

If you're sending items through the API they will always be processed in the next mailing window. If you wish to delay API sends then we can recommend using trigger campaigns.

If you want to find out more details about trigger campaigns click here!