Adding Conversion details via the API

Update the platform with conversion details to better track your clients

On our platform you can add additional information to each of your recipients which can be displayed on our reporting page. This can be very useful if you want to track if a client has for example; Purchased your product, signed up to your subscription, viewed a specific product, scanned your QR code. 

You are able to do this via the API on our platform with the following endpoint:


Alternatively, you can manually upload this data on our reporting page by accessing a specific bulk mailing campaign then clicking the "Import Recipient Events" button

The endpoint requires the body parameters of:

recipient_id : (Mandatory - String) This be the Mail piece ID of the specific recipient  you wish to update.
name : (Mandatory - String) This will be the name of the event you wish to report that took place.
value : (Optional - String) You can use this parameter to assign a value to the event.
conversion : (Optional - Boolean) Mark whether this recipient has converted or not. Will default to false if not used.
data : (Optional - String) Add any additional data you wish to include.
ref : (Optional - String) Add a reference to your event.