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Uploading files, How to get your design, your images, your data, to us.

When using our platform, some types of files work better than others. For images it's JPEGs for data files it's CSVs.

You're creating your first bulk campaign and have selected the format to match your design. If this is a PDF then you'll be able to select the "UPLOAD A PDF" option and we will do the work for you.File types, recommendations and clarifications-image.1

If you have any questions about the size of your PDF we have design guides for each format. Ask your Account manager for the design guide of the format you wish to use. 

We recommend that files use CMYK colors compared to RGB with no transparency. RGB designs may be held in the quality checking stage and may cause your campaign delays.

If you do not have your design made as a PDF you can use our integrated designer to plan your mail. Go to "OUR TEMPLATES" and select blank template to continue.

Starting with a blank canvas there are several parts you can add to your design.

File types, recommendations and clarifications-image2
You can upload images as a background image. We recommend you upload an image that is the same size as your selected format so that the elements of your design stay in the correct place. 

Can't get the size quite right? Don't worry! With one click of the "background image size" button, you're able to resize the background image to fit with your design. 

If you wish to upload several smaller images then under "insert elements" you can upload a foreground image. This can be moved and resized as needed. 

We suggest using JPG files whenever uploading images.

When uploading your mailing list we will always prefer that this is provided in a CSV format. Additionally, XLS or XLSX files are also usable. Please note that the data file requires headers in the first row and will not detect data from multiple tabs. It's best to split the tabs out into multiple files before uploading.

The most common cause of an error while uploading data is if there is any sort of encryption or data protection built into your document. 

Want more details about how to upload your mailing list? click here!

Alternatively, if you want to skip this process entirely and buy address data directly from us, click here!